Community Voices

Community Voices

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Dare To Be King is a game changer for those young people and adults who use it. From positive identity to decision making and problem solving, this tool helps African America boys successfully navigate their way into adulthood.Dr. Alan Green, Associate Professor of Clinical Education University of Southern California
(Los Angeles, CA)


The Dare To Be King Curriculum provides organizations with a unique opportunity to engage boys about life and survival skills.Dr. Doreen Loury, Executive Director Black Male Development Symposium
(Philadelphia, PA)
Dare To Be King it is an essential book for those who are servicing Black Males. From the African Proverbs to the Hip Hop quotes this book draws in any age group and pushes them to identify their core and move into their destiny of becoming a King.Bruce A Boyd Jr., Founder of Building Our Youth’s Development
(Trenton, NJ)
Dare To Be King is a serious model focused on addressing many of the seldom discussed challenges that boys of colors confront. From stop & frisk to the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and countless others young males participate in a journey of self-discovery.Damario Solomon-Simmons, Attorney & Founder MVP Weekend for Black Men & Boys
(Tulsa, OK)
Rochester is a small city with big city challenges, which are doubly felt by our Black men, and our young boys in particular. Our boys so often need time and space to dialogue on real life issues, from a cultural frame of reference. The Dare To Be King curriculum allows that and more, and provides them with the necessary skills to be resilient in the face of those real life challenges, and to help them see that success is within their reach.Jackie Campbell, Director, The Children’s Agenda
(Rochester, NY)


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