Dare To Be King: What If The Prince Lives?


  • Dare to Be King Curriculum

    DareToBeKing Cover (1)The Dare To Be King (DTBK) Curriculum provides community leaders, educators and youth service providers with a model designed to address three main areas in Black male development: anger, decision-making and impulse control. The curriculum is based on hundreds of hours of observation of young males in schools and other environments as well as countless discussions with young males of color and their parents.

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     Urban Health Institute and the Johns Hopkins University Population Center symposium on the “Role of Fathers” https://www.facebook.com/UrbanHealthInstitute?ref=hl
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  • Workshops

    Designed to improve the lives of African-American Males.

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  • Workbooks

    A survivor workbook for African-American males.

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    Honest and thought provoking motivational speaker.

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 “David Miller is one of America’s leading social entrepreneurs elevating Black male achievement and his Dare to Be King curriculum encourages young men to reach for majestic heights in their lives. Dare to Be King is an essential tool to help young men not only survive, but to thrive through, the many challenges they face.”

Shawn Dove
Campaign for Black Male Achievement
Open Society Foundations

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The "10 Rules Of Survival If Stopped By The Police" was developed by David Miller, founder of The Dare To Be King Project. Through a collaborative partnership between Trinity United Church of Christ (on the south side of Chicago) and The SALT Project, Miller's rules have been created as a short film to bring this critical information to an even wider audience and to help save more lives.