Dare To Be King Curriculum

Dare To Be King Curriculum

The Dare To Be King (DTBK) Curriculum provides community leaders, educators and youth service providers with a model designed to address three main areas of male development: anger, decision-making and impulse control. The curriculum is based on hundreds of hours of observation of young males in schools and other environments as well as countless discussions with young males of color and their parents.

This comprehensive model provides 52 weeks of activities utilizing a Rites of Passage framework to teach, coach and train the next generation of boys of color. DTBK expands the use of life and survival skills training to include activities designed to engage young males.

Through a variety of approaches the curriculum addresses social & emotional learning focused on weekly life-skills groups. Each group focuses on managing emotions, setting and achieving positive goals, feeling and showing empathy for others, maintaining positive relationships, and learning how to manage difficult situations (conflict resolution). Other issues like forgiveness, revenge & retaliation are addressed. These three areas are responsible for a greater deal of the violence which occurs in schools and communities.

Young males from elementary to high school can participate in DTBK workshops. The curriculum is designed primarily for middle and high school age boys but the content can be modified for boys as young as 9 years of age.

We live in a society where young males are getting exposed to violence, substance abuse and other anti-social behavior at a younger age as time progresses. Listen to the news and you hear stories of 10-year-olds bringing guns to school. Additionally, we realize that a large percentage of the young males growing up reside in challenging homes, communities and schools which glorify violence and gang membership.

Much of the curriculum’s content focuses on effectively guiding participants to make well-informed choices based on using new information and resources. Many of the early sessions in DBTK focus on group dynamics and trust. By the fifth week, young males begin to explore notions of manhood, confronting stereotypes about masculinity, impact of father absence/male role models, peer pressure and being different.

The curriculum challenges adolescent males to explore the dangers of aggression by illustrating realistic problem-solving techniques. We realize that many young males struggle with doing the right thing. Thus, DTBK provides realistic scenarios that allow young males the opportunity to consider alternatives for dealing with issues related to survival, peer pressure and peer influences.

It is our hope that organizations will use the curriculum as a tool to teach young males resiliency and skills necessary needed to survive in communities throughout the United States and abroad.

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