Training and Technical Assistance


Training and Technical Assistance
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We help get your staff moving with cutting-edge trainings and technical assistance. Contact us to schedule some time to chat about your organization’s needs. All services are customized based on the size, scope and deliverables for each organization.


  • Frameworks for Group Mentoring- implementation design for effectively launching a group mentoring effort
  • Mentor Recruitment & Retention Campaign- developing effective outreach campaign for connecting with prospective mentors; using grassroots and social media strategies to promote to a larger pool of mentors
  • Mentoring Training- engaging mentor training that looks deeply at personal narratives of prospective mentors and the role of a mentor
  • School Based Services- professional development for educators that promote leadership,
    authenticity, and commitment to the craft of teaching
  • Rites of Passage Programming- school and community-based Rites of Passage intervention with a focus on cultural enhancement, life skills, and shift in perspectives
  • Parental Connectedness- innovative strategies to engage families around educational support and social justice issues which impact school-aged youth 
Technical Assistance Services
  • Project Management
  • Capacity Building
  • Strategic Planning & Visioning 
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