Our Work

Our Work

Dare to Be King Project, LLC’s (DTBK) unique approach to service delivery is based on providing organizations with customized professional development for staff and engaging workshops for youth and families.

Our work focuses on improving academic and social well-being of young males of color and their families. It is dedicated to helping shape positive narratives locally and nationally about young males of color being assets within their communities. Our overall goal is to assist organizations in achieving their intended impact for long-term community-building.

Sadly, though most organizations have a passionate mission to do good work, they lack a strong understanding of youth development principles, programmatic expertise to realize their vision, and the ability to maximize relationships, which may not translate into effective strategies and programs.

We pride ourselves in developing partnerships and strategies to move beyond crisis-mode to create service delivery modes in communities. Our work is:

  • High-performing
  • Responsive to change
  • Rooted in a commitment to continuous improvement through authentic engagement

DTBK offers a solutions-oriented approach to help organizations create effective, high-impact programming. We work with organizations to design customized programming to benefit your organization and community.

Our Core Initiatives

Dare to Be King Project, LLC’s Portfolio of Services:

After-School Program Design

  • Positive behavior management
  • Parent communication and interaction
  • Problem-solving and conflict management
  • Teaching and leadership skills

Transformational Mentoring

  • Group mentoring models
  • Recruitment & Outreach for mentoring efforts
  • Mentor/Mentee Training

Administrative Consultation

  • Supporting supervision, leadership, and visioning
  • Addressing difficult decisions and conversations
  • Motivating staff
  • Setting goals and strategic planning

Curriculum and Program Design

  • Creative mission-based programming
  • Team building games and activities

General Youth Development Consulting

  • Pre-teen and teen specific programming
  • Youth civic engagement promotion

Conference Presentations & Special Events

  • Keynote addresses
  • Interactive and focused educational sessions
  • Full and half-day workshops

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?
By David Miller, M.Ed. & Richard Rowe, MPH

In January 2017, the Baltimore My Brother’s Keeper (MBK-Baltimore), with support from the Annie E. Casey and Open Society Foundations, tasked consultants David Miller and Richard Rowe with a 90-day scan of existing programs serving the City’s Black male youth and to access the organizational and leadership capacity of grassroots particularly.

View Report

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