A Conversation with Women Raising Boys

by Dafney Tales-Lafortune, Correspondent

DURHAM – Single mother Sharonda Frazier said she DURHAM – Single mother Sharonda Frazier said she could use all the help she can get raising her teenage son, Antoine. Although he stays out of trouble at home and at school at Rogers Middle School, she said she worries that, as a mother, she is not doing enough for her 13-year-old eighth-grader.

“He’s not a bad kid, but, as a single mother, I need guidance, and I want to give him what a mama can’t,” she said.

As much of the country continues to reel from the recent spate of police brutality in the black community, steady violence and low graduation rates, parents – especially mothers raising young black men on their own – must be aware of the resources available to them, said Larry Thomas, founder of the Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy. His group has taken the charge to do just that in the region, he said.


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